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What Do We Do?

The mission of ALA is to help organizations build competitive advantage through teamwork, leadership, and learning. ALA’s distinctive value comes from its unmatched capability to design action-reflection learning experiences that are directed toward achieving bottom-line business results through the talent development of the business leaders and the teams they lead.

ALA has the unique capability of creating enthusiastic learning environments that invite and engage individuals and teams in their own growth and development.

ALA brings experiences, concepts, and theories to life through artful combinations of learner-centered, discovery-oriented, hands-on tools and processes. In every program, ALA engages the participants—mentally, emotionally, and viscerally—in their own growth and self-discovery.

ALA’s training programs are in effect learning adventures—bold and stimulating, fun and spirited, heartfelt and memorable.

Who Are We?

Founded in 1989, Action Learning Associates (ALA) is an international consulting firm located in the state of Colorado, USA dedicated to helping organizations achieve long-term business results and performance through its people. ALA is recognized as the worldwide leader in the design and delivery of dynamic, high involvement, experiential learning environments for the purposes of executive development.

Our Capabilities:

  • We conduct dynamic experiences within executive education programs to create a
    “learner mindset” and to rapidly build community

  • We build strategic alignment and high performance within teams through a
    roadmap process that establishes clear goals, clarifies roles, creates operating
    principles, and builds effective relationships

  • We launch and coach “action-learning” and “project-based” teams

  • We design and develop learning tools and processes that are widely recognized as “best-in-class”

  • We build “bridges”, a global mindset, and trust within international, multi-
    cultural, teams

  • We design customized, experience-based solutions to support a particular learning

  • We skillfully interweave personality assessment and performance feedback with
    experiential learning.

  • We build emotional connection and commitment that fuels follow-through
    strategies and post program learning and development.
  • Our Approach and Values:

  • We partner with clients, with whom we jointly design strategies, programs and
    tools. We value creativity and innovation, and focus our talents and experience in
    providing customized solutions, not off-the-shelf approaches.

  • We value and teach teamwork and hence, we, ourselves frequently team with
    other consulting companies and work within solutions that they may provide to an
    end-user, client engagement.

  • We aspire to create environments that leverage diversity and promote trust,
    accountability and commitment. And we do this with pride and fun. We take
    great care to model these attributes consistently.


    Action Learning in China!

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    World Action Teams

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    Working around the globe

    ALA has delivered programs in over 25 countries. View client list

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