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Action Learning Associates' (ALA's) major focus is the design, development, and delivery of team and leadership development programs that result in a relentless, sustained commitment to performance results.

Following a front-end analysis, ALA builds aligned, high performance teams by assisting the business team in clarifying team goals, roles, processes, and relationships; by developing a clear measure of accountability; and by following up over time.

Experiential, learning labs provide a fun, spirited, but highly purposeful approach to building effective teams and to performing as a team. Team Learning Labs, such as the Electric Maze, Colour Blind, Signlines, the Leader's Court, The Market Place of Ideas, are but a handful of highly provocative team learning tools developed by ALA for team and leadership development purposes.
Leadership development is essentially a process of self-development. By skillfully blending customized, multi-rater 360 degree feedback, peer feedback, experiential exercises, after-action-reviews, and various self-report inventories, ALA helps individuals become clear about their strengths and opportunity areas.
ALA facilitators frequently collect, synthesize, and explore these multi-sources of feedback into a summary, one-on-one coaching session. During these coaching sessions, ALA facilitators ensure that each executive goes forward with a meaningful, personal development plan. Follow-up phone calls, e-mails, and follow-up mini-surveys (in collaboration with and pioneered by Keilty, Goldsmith & Company) help the downstream process.

A few examples of ALA consulting/teaching projects include:

Action Learning in China!

China Office! Contact Scott Miller at

World Action Teams

World Action Teams- China, India, Turkey, Africa. Discovery Experiences for Business and Leadership Growth Read more...

Working around the globe

ALA has delivered programs in over 25 countries. View client list

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