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The Strategic Leadership Team of Texas Instruments had completed a draft document outlining a new company vision and strategy. In order to give widespread opportunity to debate and refine the draft, a series of "Creating Our Future" workshops were planned and conducted at strategic locations around the world. Action Learning Associates helped in the design and delivery of these innovative workshops.

The top 250 Texas Instrument executives participated in the weeklong sessions, 25 participants at a time. The participants represented the diverse TI businesses, as well as differing job functions and geographic regions. In order to provide an outside-in perspective, key customers, suppliers and subject matter experts also participated.

Team building, leadership development, and the skills of dialogue and reflection were also key components in the workshop, and it was in the design and delivery of these concepts that Action Learning made its contribution. Action Learning designed an outdoor, interactive simulation which emphasized customer-focus and cross functional collaboration. Additionally, Action Learning introduced the participants to the Ned Herrmann Brain Dominance Inventory, as well as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, and linked these tools to personal development.

The workshops were purposeful, but also fun and spirited. Attendees had to roll up their sleeves, work hard, and ask tough questions about TI and the marketplace. The participants debated and openly challenged the SLT draft. At the conclusion of the ten workshops and as a result of inputs, fundamental changes were made to the Vision and Strategy document. "This is the best workshop session that I have attended in my 25 years at TI," said Yukio Sakamoto of TI's semiconductor group in Japan.

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