Action Learning Solutions


Executive Guiding (Coaching)

Guiding executives to navigate the behavioral landscape through new rituals and habits.

Action Learning has been engaged in one-on-one relationships with executives since the beginning.  Because of our roots and the active nature of experiential learning the reference of “guiding” seemed to make more sense to us. We don’t sit on the sidelines and call out plays and moves like a coach, instead we think of it as being with the person as they make moves, transitions and take on tough decisions. We help them think through those tough calls together, keeping their performance and behavioral goals as a priority.  The Guiding process is most often leveraged during the footprint of an executive development engagement, and frequently involves pre-program conversations and post program follow-up.  The goal of guiding is getting the individually comfortable with a new set of behaviors by creating habits and rituals which make them self proficient.  We find most of our clients know what they need to do, it is common knowledge just not common practice.  The guide holds them responsible until the knowledge becomes a common practice.