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Business Acumen Simulation Features Collaboration with an Enterprise-Performance Twist

The SBR is a fun, highly interactive, fast paced, business simulation that requires a high degree of team creativity, resourcefulness and collaboration. It is often said that necessity is the mother of invention. One of the most memorable scenes in the film, Apollo 13, occurs when the capsule is running out of oxygen and building up carbon dioxide. Mission Control challenges the engineers on the ground to design a method of removing the CO2 with a strange and limited collection of spare parts available to the astronauts.

The SBR is similar in that the teams are given limited resources and a spending budget from which they must construct a pipeline to deliver a critical resource – “the silver bullet”. Various twists and surprises during the exercise require the group to assess, adapt, and redesign to meet changing customer needs.

During a the four hour interactive session, participants experience building trust, sharing resources, and focus on building strong relationships against the backdrop of delivering business results – a profitable silver bullet for their customer.

Case Study

National Australia Bank

Case Title: Leveraging collaboration to maximize the enterprise results

Delivery Locations: California, USA

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