About Us

About Us

Founded in 1989, Action Learning Associates (ALA) partners with global organizations to solve challenges by creating experiential and immersive learning experiences using customized methodologies and tools to inspire and transform leaders. During the past three decades, ALA has delivered high-level executive programs across the globe that hold strategic importance for the organizations with which they partner.

Many of our programs focus on developing the top tier of leadership in the client organization – and all of those clients have come back for more. That’s because ALA’s approach is unordinary, yet highly effective. It’s an experience that moves participants on a visceral level. Literally, participants engage actively in exercises that follow the Action – Reflection – Learning model to transform individuals and teams that ultimately translate into long-term business results.

What do we do?

The mission of ALA is to help organizations build competitive advantage through teamwork, leadership, and learning. ALA’s distinctive value comes from its unmatched capability to design Action – Reflection – Learning experiences that drive achieving bottom-line business results through the talent development of business leaders and the teams they lead.

First and foremost, the Action Learning Family extends our sincere hopes for wellness and safety to you and your family in these difficult times. We want our clients and friends to know that we have already adapted some of our more popular ALA team development activities to run in video conference environments. We believe now, more than ever, the power of teams delivering results together is essential as we endure these challenging times and look forward to the future.    

 Stay in touch and be well! - The Action Leaning Team