About Action Learning

Global Footprint

Creating Great Learning Experiences are Contagious

The global footprint of ALA quickly expanded in the early 1990’s. The word was out and the corporate world of development wanted experiential learning methodologies embedded into their programs. Since most of ALA’s clients were large U.S. corporations in growth mode, ALA grew with them globally. By 1995, ALA was delivering significant programs in Canada, Europe, and Asia.  

Global Deliveries and Network

To date, ALA has delivered programs in over 35 countries and has developed a network of like-minded professionals to help with local deliveries.  

The Global Melting Pot

More important than where we have delivered work, is that we are finding that no matter where the work takes place, the programs are filled with people from all over the world. Through years of working abroad and in a variety of cultures, ALA has developed the cultural dexterity to deliver program content that is sensitive to these cultural differences and multiple learning styles in the room. One of the biggest challenges ALA sees for global teams is moving with speed, while simultaneously leveraging the advantages of a diverse global team.    

Experiences Translate

Experiential learning translates better than traditional classroom sessions. Experiential exercises and simulations allow teams and individuals to better understand and appreciate different styles and approaches. Global teams quickly learn through repeated experiences that build upon successes. Every time ALA engages a global team, that team learns how to better operate together, find common language, and leverage the skill sets of the team to increase performance.        

First and foremost, the Action Learning Family extends our sincere hopes for wellness and safety to you and your family in these difficult times. We want our clients and friends to know that we have already adapted some of our more popular ALA team development activities to run in video conference environments. We believe now, more than ever, the power of teams delivering results together is essential as we endure these challenging times and look forward to the future.    

 Stay in touch and be well! - The Action Leaning Team