About Action Learning

Linking Concepts Together Throughout Your Development Program

Our Approach

The most effective leadership development programs are always connected to the real world in a meaningful way. Leaders shouldn’t have to struggle to find relevance in the content of a program or wonder, “How do all of these speakers and sessions apply to our business? …To the challenges I am facing? …Why is all of this important to me as a leader?”

Our integrated approach of Action – Reflection – Learning can be likened to weaving a Red Thread through the learning engagement – to create context for the learner by linking all of the concepts together in a way that is personalized for the individual and connected to the business.

Whether we’re designing a complete solution across an entire program windowpane or delivering an action-packed individual module that fits into your program curriculum, we are experts at creating context, bringing content to life, and making it stick.

ALA has the unique capability of creating enthusiastic learning environments that invite and engage individuals and teams in their own growth and development.

ALA brings experiences, concepts, and theories to life through artful combinations of learner-centered, discovery-oriented, hands-on tools and processes. In every program, ALA engages the participants—mentally, emotionally, and viscerally—in their own growth and self-discovery.

ALA’s training programs are in effect learning adventures—bold and stimulating, fun and spirited, heartfelt and memorable.