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Scott Miller

Scott Miller

Senior Partner & Principal

Scott Miller is a Senior Partner and the Principal at Action Learning Associates (ALA). Scott designs and delivers programs that skillfully blend relevant classroom content with experiential learning, psychological and behavioral assessments, and various forms of peer and observer feedback. He is particularly focused on translating program experiences into sustained, long term behavioral change through peer coaching and follow-up. In other words, the end of the program is not the finish line.

With over 20 years of experience working with global executives across a variety of industries and in over 20 countries, Scott has particular skills and interests in building and coaching high performance teams, leadership development, action learning, and service learning. Additionally, he has created a number of tools and processes to help organizations harness the “wisdom of the crowds” and to drive large scale change and innovation. A sampling of current consulting engagements follows:

Dow Chemical Company – H.H. Dow Academy–Creating our Future, 2005–Present: Sponsored by Dow’s CEO, Andrew Liveris, Dow Academy utilizes an action-learning approach to engage its high potentials selected from the top 1% of the company. As a team coach, Scott jumpstarts the project teams by introducing a blend of personality assessment tools and experiential activities. He assists the participants in establishing both their individual learning goals as well as the team’s rules of the road or operating principles. As the team coach, he facilitates weekly team sessions as the action-learning team navigates the learning journey and works toward their deliverable to the Office of the Chief Executive (OCE).

National Australian Bank (NAB Group) – Enterprise Leadership Program, 2008-Present: Sponsored by NAB’s CEO, Cameron Clyne, the Enterprise Leader Program (ELP) is aimed at developing the leadership mindsets and behaviors of the top executive talent from the NAB Group. Participants are gathered from multi-business units all across the globe into a small cohort group of thirty for this two week program. For the ELP, Scott designed, developed and delivers a leadership simulation that clearly highlights the power of enterprise thinking and enterprise behavior as a platform for competitive advantage through the simulation and Scott’s facilitation, NAB leaders explore such topics as leading laterally, leading without formal authority, and leading beyond one’s sphere of control in order to win as an enterprise. Starting with the CEO and the Senior Team, the ELP was rolled out to the top 150 global leaders over the course of 2009-2010.

University of Southern California – Marshall School of Business – IBEAR (International Business Education and Research) MBA program, 1995-Present: Comprised of one of the most diverse selection of students from around the world, the IBEAR program is a unique MBA aimed at an international (non-US) population. Over the years, Scott’s work with IBEAR has afforded him the opportunity to explore how experiential learning methods intersect with the challenges of cross-cultural diversity. Scott works closely with Dr. Jack Lewis, the Chair of the IBEAR MBA program and Dr. Morgan McCall, the Leadership in Organizations professor, to design a curriculum aimed at building unity and cross cultural competence within this multi-cultural, multi-lingual, and international community.

Scott lives with his wife, Kara, and son and daughter in Crested Butte, CO. Crested Butte is a small ski town located high in the Rocky Mountains – a great place to raise a family and spend time teaching his kids about his favorite outdoor pursuits.