Action Learning Projects

True jumpstart, go slow to go fast process, and imbed the sponsor.

The true definition of success for an action learning team is to address significant business issues and to experience lasting personal growth and leadership development.

Left unguided, action learning project teams naturally lean toward an emphasis on solving the problem (action) and miss the second part of the equation (learning). That’s why teams need to be proactively coached to balance the focus between addressing the business issue, and capitalizing on the opportunity for personal, team, and organizational development. All too often it becomes big “Action” on the business project side and little “learning” on the individual/leadership development side.

ALA’s approach to action learning team projects is to balance action and learning components. Some of ways we accomplish this are:

  • make leadership development, project goals, techniques and skills equal, explicit program objectives
  • set specific learning/development goals (individual and team)
  • include key leadership lessons in all presentations and after-action reviews
  • build in feedback and reflection time
  • imbed ALP team coaches, coupled with external coaches and sponsors