Action Learning Solutions

ALA Connections

Experiential Moments to Enhance the Learning Content

Action Learning’s “Connections” are experiential activities designed to “enhance learning” by further exploring key concepts and theory presented in classroom settings. “Connections” literally get participants out of their seats to bring concepts to life and provide the opportunity to experience themes and models viscerally and experientially. “Connections” help to build the emotional bridge from understanding the message to application and behavioral change.
Examples include:
  • The Pop Quiz – helping great leaders become great learners
  • The Leadership Journey – guiding leaders to passionately articulate their leadership story
  • Unlocking Thinking – moving from “I’m Stuck” to looking for new solutions
  • Accountability Partners – leveraging the power of the cohort for behavioral change
  • Change That Matters – A feed-forward tool for behavioral change after the program is over