Action Learning Solutions


Putting assessment data to the test by observing style and behaviors during live activities.

At the center of any development experience is the individual and who they are as a person. It has been said you can’t lead others if you don’t understand yourself. The better the individual understands who they are – what their core values are, what they are good at and not good at, their gifts, their passions – the more insight they have into who they are and why they lead the way they do. Consequently, the better they will be at appreciating and understanding how to get results with and through others.

Assessments provide individuals with insights to help them interpret who they are and how their preferences and style affects them and the people they lead. When several individuals within an organization take the same assessment, it provides a common language for evaluating how their styles differ and can help identify barriers to achieving optimal performance for the team. At ALA, we help clients find the right assessment that fits with its culture and style. Whatever assessment an organization chooses can serve to create a common language within that organization.   

ALA’s approach to assessments differs from most providers in that the assessment is only half of the solution.  Once an assessment is taken, no matter what it is measuring, the data behind the assessment must be “unpacked” so each individual understands their results and how if affects his/her performance.  The final step is then getting the individual to really believe in the message that is behind the data.  In order to create that buy-in, individuals must see the style in action.  The more they experience and see their style in action cast against others’ styles in action, the better they will understand what stands in their way, how to recognize the triggers when it’s about to show up, and change it.  Experiencing and practicing in a safe environment is at the core of ALA’s Action – Reflection – Learning model.   

Some of the assessment types we offer are:

  • MTBI – for managing optimal team performance through understanding individual styles
  • Type-Coach – An online learning tool that holds you and your team’s results for constant review and improvement.
  • HBDI The Diversity Exercise – understand the differences and similarities of a newly formed team
  • HoganLead – for identifying and developing high-potential leaders
  • Leadership Journey – Explores one’s own values: who you are, and who you strive to be as a leader; uses storytelling as a medium for mapping individual journeys and strengthening one’s network