Action Learning Solutions

Complete Solutions

ALA designs and delivers complete learning solutions. Soup to nuts.

What Does Innovation in Executive Development Look Like?

Organizations that thrive on the cutting-edge of leadership development turn to ALA early in the process to integrate the next practice into their programs. When ALA becomes part of the integrated design team, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We can help you create a truly innovative learning engagement that has been developed for impact.

The 3D model represents the three main steps in creating a Complete Solution, starting with partnering with our client to jointly understand the objectives of the program and how the objectives help achieve the strategic business goals. The Design with Purpose step clearly puts the purpose of the delivery at the forefront of the design process. ALA works as part of the design team to share and link the objectives to intellectual, immersive, and metaphoric experiences.

At the center of the 3D model is Deliver with Passion, where the impact on the learner is both intellectual and emotional – “Head and Heart”. The ALA team is renowned for bringing energy and expert facilitation to the engagement. Leaders learn best when they are engaged.

The final step is Develop for Impactwhere intellectual understanding and emotional attachment to the content leads to behavioral change.  Behavioral change drives bottom line results. A complete solution designed and delivered for the purpose of driving impact.