Action Learning Solutions

Custom Solutions

Learner centered design to create impact beyond the engagement.

Everything that ALA does can be considered “custom” in that we take the time to understand the learning objectives and design a solution that will reach – or surpass – that objective. Over our 30 years of developing and delivering experiential learning solutions for executive learners, we’ve created several unique methodologies that are adaptable to many client’s needs, addressing the three main categories of business challenges: Grow Self, Grow Others, and Grow Business.  See our Signature Solutions and Business Challenges sections for more information on those methodologies, and the challenges they address.

At ALA our goal is to create a whole solution design that is custom to your unique culture and business which leverages new approaches to create sustained organizational learning and change. ALA brings a fresh approach to development and learning.  This approach is not only applied to your development engagement, but applied to the design process itself.  Utilizing a combination of interactive and exploratory methodologies, ALA brings creativity, purpose and focus to the design process which drives innovation and learner centered experiences.  ALA examines not just the development goals but the entire structure of an organization before making a decision on the right design.  We look at how leader led designs may help drive change, we explore how operational rituals and behaviors can influence results. We take a MRI approach to gather as many pictures of the current reality in order to get to the new desired state. For you and ALA, the end results needs to fit, be influential, be fulfilling, and be purposeful in order to have impact. 

First and foremost, the Action Learning Family extends our sincere hopes for wellness and safety to you and your family in these difficult times. We want our clients and friends to know that we have already adapted some of our more popular ALA team development activities to run in video conference environments. We believe now, more than ever, the power of teams delivering results together is essential as we endure these challenging times and look forward to the future.    

 Stay in touch and be well! - The Action Leaning Team