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Setting Knowledge in Motion for Breakthrough Enterprise Performance

Kinesis – or Knowledge in Motion – is a large-scale behavioral simulation aimed to develop confidence and an enterprise mindset when operating in the face of change.

Organizations must navigate in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) world that is rapidly experiencing tectonic shifts in geopolitics, macro-economic systems, technologies, and population demographics. Key attributes of success in this environment require that companies and their employees work with confidence in the face of the unknown and do so with speed, flexibility, and an ‘enterprise’ mentality.

In the Kinesis simulation, delegates are divided into small teams or ‘business units’ and given a performance target or points to be achieved for reaching performance results. What makes Kinesis most impactful is that the goal is not to simply maximize team output but rather to maximize enterprise output. Without a unified strategy, without sharing resources, without sharing knowledge and breakthrough solutions, the overall result would simply be the sum of the parts. The Kinesis simulation delivers more.

First and foremost, the Action Learning Family extends our sincere hopes for wellness and safety to you and your family in these difficult times. We want our clients and friends to know that we have already adapted some of our more popular ALA team development activities to run in video conference environments. We believe now, more than ever, the power of teams delivering results together is essential as we endure these challenging times and look forward to the future.    

 Stay in touch and be well! - The Action Leaning Team