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The Leader’s Court ™

A Vigorous Interrogation of Reality in Order to Drive Better Business Outcomes

What if you could put a major strategic business issue on trial in order to achieve clarity for taking decisive action? That is precisely what ALA’s signature solution, Leaders Court™, does in real time. When the stakes are high and a major business issue lacks a solution with clarity or consensus, ALA utilizes a dramatic courtroom hearing to thoroughly examine a major business question or issue. Typically organizations will use this process to examine one of the three major areas:

The Leader’s Court™ for Values

Do our espoused corporate values have a common meaning throughout the organization, and if so, are we living them? If not, how can we get alignment on our values and bring them to life?

The Leader’s Court™ for Strategy

Is there shared understanding around a particular corporate strategy, and if so, how successfully are we executing against that strategy? If not, how can we get alignment on that strategy and execute it?

The Leader’s Court™ for Change

Do we all understand a particular change initiative, and if so, to what extent are we demonstrating urgency and commitment to that initiative? If not, how can we reach a shared understanding of the initiative and commit to change?

The Environment and the Process

The courtroom staging of The Leader’s Court™ creates a safe context where participants are able to go beyond politeness and sanitized ‘political correctness’ to surface critical issues that deserve deep examination. The process vigorously interrogates reality and the deep-rooted beliefs that individuals may hold – but does so in a safe, highly participatory and spirited way. There’s no contempt in this court – Leader’s Court™ helps organizations solve critical strategic issues they face by giving each participant a voice and a role in the judiciary process. It’s through this vigorous debate that new ideas and perceptions emerge, and problems get solved.

Case Study

Schneider Electric

Case Title:  Shaking the pillars of the “Schneider is On” strategy

Delivery Locations:  Dubai, London, Canada, Austria, USA


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